Solutions and Services powered by the GC INdex



  • Find Your Impact: Individual 1:1 impact consultation  
  • Game Changing Teams: Impact development workshops that drive positive outcomes
  • The Agile Playmaker: Identify and place the right people in key agile roles 
  • Impact Project Kick-Start: Form a game-changing team for special projects or transformations 
  • Custom Impact Consulting Services and Solutions: Add the power of GC Index profiles to your current services or we help you create a new solution powered by the GC Index 

Interested in the GC Index?

I am a company and want to make an impact


Ingenious Agile can provide workshops and consultation along with helping you bring in your own GCologists to create a GC People company. 

I am an individual and want to become a GCologist


Do you have a special interest in becoming a GCologist and help make in impact with others? Contact Ingenious Agile to learn more on how to become a GCologist. 

I am a business and want to become a GC Index partner


Are you interested in becoming a GCologist and GC Partner that will provide solutions powered by the GC Index? Ingenious Agile can help you get started. 

I am an individual that is interested in learning more on how I can make an impactful contribution


Are you interested in finding out your GC Index profile? Book a one-hour session with Ingenious Agile.