What is the GC Index?
It is an Organimetric that measures and describes five proclivities  in which people are inclined to make an impact and contribution. It helps us answer questions like:
  • What career would align with where I want to put my energy and strength into? 
  •  Can this person drive change? 
  •  Can this person deliver? 
  • Would kind of people do I need to help me in my new start-up business that will help contribute to my goals? 
  •  Is this person innovated? 
  • What is my employee’s natural proclivities to help develop them? 
  • Is this a good hire that will make an impact for what I need? 
  • What kind of leader do I need for this agile transformation? 
  • What are the gaps in our transformation team that will result in a successful outcome? 
  • Do we have a team that will fizz and drive outcomes?
  • Who is best to help us with creating tribal unity in our ART/team? 
  • Does my client need help acting on decisions?
  • Is my client focused on innovation and continuous improvement? 

See Patterns

These individuals see the future by making sense of things. They engage others with a clear direction that brings focus to action.

See practicalities

These are the individuals who get things done. As leaders, they shape strategic plans and deliver tangible outcomes.

See People

These individuals focus on getting the best from others, individually and collectively, in support of agreed objectives.

See Possibilities

These are the individuals who generate the ideas and possibilities that have the potential to be transformational.

See Potential

These individuals create a future to be proud of. They focus on making things better, continual improvement, and the pursuit of excellence.