April 17, 2015


Our Mission:

Ingenious Agile believes in creating agile sustainability. We are not there to stay. We are there to enable you in your agile journey through partnering together creating an agility roadmap that evolves as you learn through the mindset of “We only know what we know now.”

Our Approach:

We learn to understand. Every coaching and training engagement starts with understanding where our clients are now and understanding their current challenges and goals. Whether it be a call to discover the type of training you need to meet a need or scheduling a discovery session to better understand the road ahead. Our goal is to help you become successful. “Our success is your success.”

How Do We Know We are Successful Together?

We measure outcomes. Every agile improvement opportunity has clear success criteria and how it will be validated. We learn from everything we do and adjust to the plan.

  • Training – What does success look like once you are trained?
  • Coaching – What does success look like when we help you with an improvement opportunity from your agility roadmap?

Our Team

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Veronica StewartAgility Coach and Trainer

I am  an agile consultant and trainer passionate in helping organizations in their agile adoptions within their departments, programs or simply piloting one team. I have experience in a variety of industries from travel, education, retail, banking, credit card, auto and health with special interest in non-IT areas of organizations such as marketing.

I  find great joy in helping others reach their own potentials in solving business problems, become predictable and innovative. I believe in smart, innovate using the framework that meets your needs. The best reward is creating independent, self-sufficient agile programs and teams that can continue their agile journey on their own from my help.

My background started in education, but my professional journey moved into working with software development with focuses in product and portfolio/project management which eventually lead me to my passion with agile. Agile started with helping to improve how we think and approach developing software, but has transcended beyond the technical realm. I still work with IT areas of the business, but I keep any open mind to how agile can help with other areas; like my former roots in education. I hope you enjoy my journey with agile in both traditional software development and area outside these limits.


  • SAFe 4.0 Program Consultant (SPC4)
  • Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)
  • Certified Scrum Master (CSM)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Agile Team Professional -Agile Team Facilitator (ICP-ATF)
  • Agile Team Professional-Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC)
  • Kanban Management Professional (KMP)
  • Agility in the Enterprise Professional (ICP-ENT)
  • Training from the Back of the Room (TBR)
  • Lean Change Agent (Lean Change Management)