Agile in Education at 2016 Orlando Scrum Gathering

I volunteered at the 2016 Scrum Alliance Orlando Scrum Gathering last week. It was an awesome experience to work with such a great group of people and meet new ones throughout the days. I had the pleasure finally meeting John Miller from Agile Classrooms in person along with Willy Wijnands from EduScrum based in the Netherands at the conference.  The most interesting part of the conference was agile in education. As I have blogged before, I have acknowledged my special interest in this area being that it was my major in college and still love education of all sorts; especially when it comes to children.

A group of people from Agile in Education got together this conference from all areas to create its manifesto.

Prescriptive → Iterative
Visible cycles of learning.
Making intentions explicit and visible fosters partnerships and allows for a meaningful and relevant education to emerge.

Content Culture
Learning starts with whyit’s the big story.
The real lessons of life are embedded in experience.

Evaluation Visible Feedback & Reflection
Nurturing the love of lifelong learning.
Partnering in a learning journey catalyzes continuous growth and ownership.

Control Trust
Valuing the freedom of discovery.
Providing space for human diversity increases agency and self-direction.

Competition Collaboration
The power of shared learning.
Sharing the individual perspective develops the social intelligence necessary for solving problems, communicating effectively, and deepening understanding.

Principal from Hope High School sharing her story
Principal from Hope High School sharing her story

I sat in one of the sessions where principals from two schools in Arizona that turned their entire school agile spoke about their journey. It was so inspiring and uplifting to know agile can help children-how cool is that? Hope High School’s Principal, Krissyn Sumare, took us through her journey with help from John Miller turning a school that the traditional educational system approach did not work into the future of what all schools can be- no matter the type of school or demographics.  You can learn more about Hope High School’s story here.


I am looking forward to see this become a norm in our educational system versus a niche. The future of your children deserves our attention to change.

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