Virtual Lean Coffee using Lean Coffee Table Online Tool

I host local lean coffees here through Tampa Bay Agile at two Panera Bread locations on Fridays. One of the other hosts at another location shared this handy tool for hosting a virtual lean coffee. It is called Lean Coffee Table.


My current engagement involves with remote and distributed teams. I thought we would try it out Lean Coffee Table during one of the team retrospectives. We are always looking to fill our toolbox with goodies to spice up a virtual retrospective. It actually went quite well based on my personal experience and feedback. I did notice there are some UI issues with IE, but Chrome and Firefox work fine. What I like about the tool is that it is guided, very easy to understand and less complicated to vote like when using Google Sheets or Trello. This was made specifically to host a virtual lean coffee. Love it!

I will definitely be using this more going forward during my engagement as we start to host virtual lean coffees. Rory Street is the creator and welcomes user feedback. Please share with others who want to host a virtual lean coffee. It is a keeper.



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1 thought on “Virtual Lean Coffee using Lean Coffee Table Online Tool”

  1. awesome! thanks for sharing! We do Lean Coffee at two different locations and this would give us the opportunity to merge them! Thanks, Veronica!!

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