Starting the Lean Games Series Nights with Tampa Bay Agile

As I have stated in my previous blog post, I bring my background in teaching to my current experience. I honestly, do not see much difference when it comes to learning. No one wants to sit through a presentation -“death by Power Point.” As a former Science teacher, engaging the students through activities that help understand topics like genetics or electrons. We used through the art of play and innovated games. I found an activity that taught genetics through the use of X-Men. I do not know about you, but I grew up on X-Men Saturday mornings. I still love them!


My students has the best time learning about phenotypic and genotypic characteristics while picking out their favorite female and male X-Men characters in their collaborating team tables. I still chuckle about the old librarian reporting me to the principal for having “pornographic” images the students were pulling up on the internet in her library. For the record, it was not in the least!

So, starting in November; we will be kicking off the Lean Game Night Series on November 11th within the Tampa Bay Agile community. We will learn how to use creativity and innovated ways to teach and explore ideas through the use of games and activities like brain science. Check us out- it will be fun! Isn’t that what agile is about?


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