2015 Agile Open Florida in St. Pete


Last Friday, a bunch of enthusiastic people came together to discuss and learn topics about agile using the format Open Space Technology (OST) at the annually hosted event- Agile Open Florida. This year’s theme is “No one Size Fits All.” I even have a cool t-shirt as my memento.

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Topics were created by the participants who were interested in coming forth to propose what was on their mind. Topics ranged from best practices in tech for agile, how agile looks like in a creative/marketing world, a fun game of self-organization, the future of agile and many more.  We even had a participant who hosted a session all the way from Spain-pretty cool.





It was my first all-day OST event. I have to say it was a nice twist to the more structured conference with speaker sessions. I am fortunate here in Florida where we have two yearly events that supply both flavors: Agile Open Florida  and the Agile Tools Summit.


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