Agile Games at the 2015 Agile Transformation Summit

Last week was the 2nd annual South Florida Agile Association summit- 2015 Agile Transformation Summit with the theme “Embrace Change.”

I hosted the agile games sessions at the summit. We allotted time for two short games, but it definitely was helpful as our sessions were full and people needed somewhere to go when the rooms were full. It worked out for me; like a store positioned in a high foot traffic area.

The two games were the Marshmallow Challenge and the Celebrity Prioritization.

Celebrity Prioritization


The premise of the game is to have the group determine who gets saved first as their ship is sinking and only one person at a time can get saved. I made some unique twists to the plot to help show that your backlog is always managed and prioritized throughout its life. Sorry Angeline, Brad and Madonna- you did not make the cut.

I used the list from the Top 100 Famous People.  I Googled each person’s image and put them in a Word doc from a 2 column table. Simple!

Marshmallow Challenge 

You gotta love a good competition. I had three teams working to make the tallest marshmallow tower. Only one out of the three actually has a tower in place by the end of the 18 minutes. Way to go team work! This is also an easy one to put together with minimal costs for supplies.


Team 2 – almost there but tower did not stand


Team 1 – They won by default since the other two teams’ tower would not stand on its own.










I am looking forward to host more agile games in the future along with learning new. Til next time.. got game?

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