Why You Shouldn’t Skip Tasking with a New Scrum Team

It’s funny when I introduce “Shu-Ha-Ri” to teams. They always give me a look like I am crazy. After a while they get why I mention it. They always want to skip the “Shu” phase and jump right into Ha or Ri. You have to learn to master scrum first.

It has been typical that a new scrum team still has to groom when they go into a sprint planning before they can really get into the heart of what takes place in a sprint planning. So, the typical thing that happens is that it ends up being a very long sprint planning session because they still have to figure out what they can commit to that is related to the sprint goal, task and estimate along with a strategical plan as a team.

What ends up happening is you get a bunch of grumpy team members by the time they get to tasking because they have spent 2 hours grooming and they want to finish and they promise to have tasking done before stand-up.


Why this doesn’t work?

  • The team has not collaborated together on all the work that is required to get each story done
  • You can’t see the big picture of a story and the sprint
  • You have not created the discipline of the end goal which is to have your stories tasked and a strategy in place for the next day- you should know the first thing everyone needs to do after leaving the planning session
  • Not tasking out and estimating stories with a new team does not provide a second layer of sanity check to how the story is sizedĀ and how much they committed to the sprint
  • Spending time grooming during the sprint planning does not create the discipline and prove the need to have grooming sessions before coming into sprint planning

Here is a nice list of sprint tasking tips offered by Charles Bradley.

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