Training Lessons Learned-Be Okay to Fail and Learn from It

Sometimes you have to have a couple of bumps and bruises along with way
Sometimes you have to have a couple of bumps and bruises along with way

I remember back when I was a teacher with new lesson plans with my students. I had several  periods  to perfect and by the time I got to the last one- It was awesome! Well, not the case when you only have one chance – oh boy :-/

I had a last minute request for a product owner training and I only had 5 hours to utilize. I immediately thought- what can I do that would be most useful and effective with a 5 hour slot? I created my product owner role with scrum slides and activities and decided to add Jeff Patton’s story mapping deck and activity since I was running out of prep time. Thanks, Jeff!

Right at the last minute when I am about to go through the story mapping exercise using something that I know I can get done in the time allotted and cover material; I switch it up! We use a real-life project. Did I need to tell you what happened next? We spent most of our time debating and completely de-railed the purpose of the activity and learning of the entire technique and reason behind it. I tried to pivot, but that shipped sailed.

I had one of my nightly call preps with the speaker team for the conference I am helping with and brought up what happened that day.. of course it was recommended to not use real life-experiences because it can distract them focusing on the goal of what you are trying to convey as they get ” stuck” with what they know, feel and are used to in their world that it can block being open to something different. I typically use fun, simple to the point exercises. For some reason, I went against my norm.

So, my friends.. go with your gut or you will blogging about the black-eye you got from a training gone bad. I am going to fail fast and learn to improve by not letting history repeat itself in the future.

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