I Started a Blog…

I finally did it! I started my first blog. I bought a couple of domains before I finally made up my mind of “agile on the far side” and spun up a wordpress site. I figured I better practice “good enough” in order to get going on the important matter-writing.

Ever since I was young, I have always never wanted to silo myself; always open to my surroundings as each experience is part of my journey of learning about life. Yes, learning. I went to school to be a school teacher. I always loved learning new things, so why not get paid teaching-right? Well, I did not consider the fact that I was an honor student and actually behaved in school and quickly found out I spent a good time being either a social worker or a disciplinarian and way too young to deal with the emotional toll it took on me. So, I tried training adults and here I am 10+ years later in technology and an agile coach and trainer. I feel I have come full circle from the little girl who played “school” with stuffed animals. I have to say, I am extremely happy and passionate about what I do -agile. I am still working on that emotional intelligence part. 😉

What about agile? Well, I have found out that not only do I use it with my day job in technology, but it goes beyond there and back into my original stomping grounds like education. I was introduced to agileschools.com by someone recently and it inspired me to look beyond the known limits of agile. So the birth of Agile on Far Side came to life.

I hope you enjoy my journeys of everything agile; even outside the boundaries of technology.

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