Agile Transformations

A partner with organizations in building a sustainable foundation to help evolve into Business Agility


Interactive learning using brain science to help make product management and agile practices stick

Talent Management

A partner in helping Agile Leaders develop their people and HR recruit and manage talent based on their impact to the organization

How are you Making Decisions today?

Today, most decisions are made without certainty on the natural proclivities of an individual or group of people will have to contribute to making an impact to a desired outcome.  Ingenious Agile is a GC Index partner that utilizes their digital Organimetric engine  for measuring impact for all people which takes the guessing game out of the equation to  better understand how to drive to outcomes that make a difference. 


Better understand your passion+strength and how you can best contribute to make an impact in your career or existing role within an organization and be happier in the process. 


Create or develop “fizzing ” teams by understanding how each individual’s natural proclivities contribute to the work that makes an impact to drive better outcomes 

People Management

Leaders develop their people by both understanding the individual’s passion+strength and how best to contribute to the work that makes an impact

Hire the right people that will result in the outcome your are trying to achieve within your organization


Become a game-changing employer that is a culture of engaged, empowered people who drive better business outcomes and who believes in retaining and attracting the best talent for their organization as a GC People Company