Agile Game Night Kick-Off: Trust, Creativity and Decisions

This week was the kick-off to the new series through the Tampa Bay Agile community called Agile Games Night.  The goal of having the Agile Games Night series is the following: Provide games that cater to particular areas of focus or topics that the community can learn Learn the techniques to create games for team[…]

Starting the Lean Games Series Nights with Tampa Bay Agile

As I have stated in my previous blog post, I bring my background in teaching to my current experience. I honestly, do not see much difference when it comes to learning. No one wants to sit through a presentation -“death by Power Point.” As a former Science teacher, engaging the students through activities that help[…]

Agile Games at the 2015 Agile Transformation Summit

Last week was the 2nd annual South Florida Agile Association summit- 2015 Agile Transformation Summit with the theme “Embrace Change.” I hosted the agile games sessions at the summit. We allotted time for two short games, but it definitely was helpful as our sessions were full and people needed somewhere to go when the rooms[…]