2015 Agile Open Florida in St. Pete

Last Friday, a bunch of enthusiastic people came together to discuss and learn topics about agile using the format Open Space Technology (OST) at the annually hosted event- Agile Open Florida. This year’s theme is “No one Size Fits All.” I even have a cool t-shirt as my memento. Topics were created by the participants who[…]

Applying My Background in Teaching as a Coach and Trainer

It’s been a while (seems so long ago) that I left being a secondary teacher. I spent four years learning about educating children;focusing on junior high to high school levels and their cognitive development. When I became a statistic and left teaching behind, I did beat myself up for all that work and stress going[…]

Agile Games at the 2015 Agile Transformation Summit

Last week was the 2nd annual South Florida Agile Association summit- 2015 Agile Transformation Summit with the theme “Embrace Change.” I hosted the agile games sessions at the summit. We allotted time for two short games, but it definitely was helpful as our sessions were full and people needed somewhere to go when the rooms[…]

Basic Agile/Program Portfolio Discussion

Today I had one hour to cover basic agile portfolio/program management. My audience were traditional PMs, BA and parties interest in lean thinking.  I went straight to the whiteboard! First I showed the “onion” and the traditional hierarchical view in a tool like TFS.  We also used a live project and broke it down until[…]