Agile Game Night Kick-Off: Trust, Creativity and Decisions

This week was the kick-off to the new series through the Tampa Bay Agile community called Agile Games Night.  The goal of having the Agile Games Night series is the following: Provide games that cater to particular areas of focus or topics that the community can learn Learn the techniques to create games for team[…]

Starting the Lean Games Series Nights with Tampa Bay Agile

As I have stated in my previous blog post, I bring my background in teaching to my current experience. I honestly, do not see much difference when it comes to learning. No one wants to sit through a presentation -“death by Power Point.” As a former Science teacher, engaging the students through activities that help[…]

Agile Marketing and Its Own Manifesto

My current engagement is helping on the business side with adopting agile in marketing operations. I was not aware that was an Agile Marketing Manifesto. I found this quite interesting and became intrigued since I am now focusing on more helping this corporation on the business side versus IT. I actually kind of like it. I have[…]

2015 Agile Open Florida in St. Pete

Last Friday, a bunch of enthusiastic people came together to discuss and learn topics about agile using the format Open Space Technology (OST) at the annually hosted event- Agile Open Florida. This year’s theme is “No one Size Fits All.” I even have a cool t-shirt as my memento. Topics were created by the participants who[…]

Applying My Background in Teaching as a Coach and Trainer

It’s been a while (seems so long ago) that I left being a secondary teacher. I spent four years learning about educating children;focusing on junior high to high school levels and their cognitive development. When I became a statistic and left teaching behind, I did beat myself up for all that work and stress going[…]